Business Visitation Program Survey

Business Visitation Program

What is it?

The BVP is a confidential meeting between the Project Facilitator of the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development and an owner or manager of a business that is licensed to conduct business in the Town of Olds.  

What is the purpose?

The BVP serves multiple functions:

  • Provides opportunity for economic development practitioners to get to know businesses and their needs, challenges and issues from a local perspective,
  • A means of gathering data that will support future investment and business attraction,
  • A forum to discuss municipal influenced issues that affect the success of your business,
  • A method to identify human resource or business training requirements and appropriate timing for delivery of workshops and information sessions,
  • An avenue for the economic development practitioners to share small and medium-sized business resources that support retention, expansion, business start-ups or aspiring entrepreneurs

How much time does the business need to schedule?

A series of standard questions have been developed in order to gain an overall outlook of the local economy and its drivers.  The visitation usually lasts 30 minutes.

You can complete the Business Visitation Program Survey online by clicking here.


How do I set up a meeting date and time?

To ensure you are heard and a visit fits into your schedule contact: or (403) 556-1105.

The goal of this program is to engage the business community and support economic growth in Olds!

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