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The Business Attraction Retention & Expansion Committee had a very active year in 2013.

As a committee we held three community economic development training programs. They were ‘Business Investment and Attraction’, ‘Branding Your Community’ and ‘Agriculture as an Economic Opportunity’.

Committee members also participated in a site selection training course. We undertook the development of two studies. The first study identified what our high Opportunity Sectors are in relation to Foreign Direct Investment. The second study articulated our broab-band advantage as an economic driver. It further explained how broadband differentiates our community from others in our region, province and nation. Marketing materials and promotional plans were created in alignment with these documents.

The Business Attraction Retention and Expansion committee evaluated and advocated for our communities involvement in the ‘Missouri Trade Mission’ coordinated by Central Alberta Access Prosperity.

Our Committee evaluated Executive Pulse and cross referenced the business list with the one maintained by the town. After training and correlation, the database is up to date and useable. Much of that content has also been made available on the website as a business directory. The committee stewarded the completion of the site and have continued to add to it. An economic development section has been developed in keeping with the Invest Canada Community Initiative’s grant that was received by the committee. The site has been modestly promoted in the community and a QR code has been created to make it easier to access.

The committee has evaluated the use of Geographic Information Systems in economic development activities and initiated planning for this year’s Business Visitation Program.

The committee co-hosted a trade delegation from Australia with the Town and Olds College. The committee met 13 times as a whole and held several ad hoc meetings in addition to the events held.

The committee participated in joint meetings with the Olds Institute’s “Olds Connected Community Committee” and “Marketing and Communications Committee”.

We were fortunate enough to have had delegates from the following Olds Institute committees: Technology, Opportunity Olds and Fair Trade.  As well Dan Daley, Chairman of the Olds Institute joined us to inspire and contribute to our conversations.

We had presentations from ‘Central Alberta Access Prosperity’, ’ The Canadian Youth Business Foundation’, ‘Airdrie Economic Development’,  ‘The Town of Olds’ and ‘Olds College’.

Our committee has representation from businesses in different areas of the community and we are fortunate to have a representative from Olds College, The Town of Olds, The Olds & District Chamber of Commerce and Uptowne Olds as well as the support of Colleen Gustafson.

Our committee members are Harvey Walsh, Larry Wright, Barb Babiak, Doug Rieberger, Hugh Bodmer, Brian and Rita Thompson, Deb Aitken, Erica Sweetman, David Doyle, Leon Durand, Murray Elliot and Terry Cody. Terry and Doug have taken on the roles of chair and co-chair as Mitch Thomson our previous chair, has become a member of the Olds Institute staff. Our achievements were the result of the collective efforts of the whole and the support received from various staff members including Angela Walsh (who contracted with us for data entry for a while) and our stakeholders.

As Chairman I wish to thank them all for their tremendous support and dedication.

Terry Cody, Chairman
Business Attraction Retention & Expansion Committee



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Projects – Business Attraction and Retention (BARE) Committee Projects – Business Attraction and Retention (BARE) Committee Projects – Business Attraction and Retention (BARE) Committee