Terms of Reference – Sustainable Olds Committee

Sustainable Olds Committee

Terms of Reference

Adopted November 8, 2011

“In the broadest terms, sustainability can be defined as living in a way that meets our needs without undermining the ability of our children and our children’s children to meet their needs.(AUMA Comprehensive Guide for Municipal Sustainability Planning)

Terms of Reference

1.1 Mandate

The Sustainable Olds Committee (SOC), acting within its facilitation/practitioning capacity to the OICRD, is responsible to:

1.2 Build capacity by providing information about and advising on sustainability at the Board, pillar and subcommittee level.

1.3 Facilitate on coaching and mentoring opportunities regarding sustainability.

1.4 Facilitate on measurement, evaluation, reporting and renewal processes for the OSSP.

1.5 Facilitate about areas in the OSSP that require attention.

1.6 Advise on the alignment of potential projects and initiatives with the OSSP.

2.1 Key Duties and Responsibilities

2.2 The SOC is an advising and practitioning group to the OICRD.

2.3 The OICRD is the steward of the OSSP, and is responsible for reporting on, renewing and measuring outcomes of the OSSP. The OICRD calls upon the SOC for advice on measurement, evaluation, reporting and renewal processes for the OSSP.

 Annually, the SOC will submit an annual report, a strategic plan and a budget request to the Olds Institute Board.

 The SOC will use the Natural Step Framework as the guiding philosophy in our advisory role to OICRD.

3.1 Reporting and Due Process

3.2 As a- facilitator/practitioning group, the SOC will receive reports and information from the Pillar Committees of the OICRD as well as from the Olds Institute Board.

3.3 All reports produced by the SOC will be submitted to the OICRD. All reports intended to be shared outside of the OICRD will first be approved by the Olds Institute Board.

The SOC is authorized by and is accountable to the OICRD. For any action or motion that is not in direct alignment with the mandate of the SOC, approval from the OICRD will be sought.

 4.1 Working Principles and Values:

The Sustainable Olds Committee strives to create and maintain a work environment that is:


  • Fosters ownership of the process and its outcomes
  • Encourages participation from the vocal and non-vocal members
  • Facilitates in-depth discussion
  • Creates a forum for cross-disciplinary analysis of issues
  • Minimizes and resolves conflict
  • Builds relationships
  • Embraces diversity as a strength of the group
  • Includes the public as much as possible in decision-making


  • Promotes self-esteem, self-realization
  • Affirms dignity and self-worth of all members and stakeholders
  • Creates an atmosphere of openness and free-speech
  • Enables members to play an active roll in decision-making
  • Maintains a flat governance structure (Non hierarchical)
  • Reflects stewardship of the five dimensions of sustainability


  • Promotes timely and meaningful discussion
  • Expedites implementation
  • Provides for measurable outcomes
  • Provides opportunity for members to gain knowledge, develop skills and clarify values
  • Responsive to new ideas from within and outside the group

Flexible & Dynamic:

  • Applicable to a wide range of topics
  • Allows for changing membership, mandate and circumstance
  • Strive for sustainable innovative solutions when change is apparent


  • Makes all agendas and minutes available to the public
  • Encourages public participation in regular meetings

5.1 Membership

5.2 General Members

Five community members who will champion the dimensions of sustainability as follows:

i) Environmental;

ii) Economic;

iii) Social;

iv) Cultural; and

v) Governance.

 OICRD Pillar Committee members from the OICRD Pillar Committees as determined by the Olds Institute Board.

 5.3 Other Members

  • A Staff member from the Town of Olds
  • One member from the Olds Institute Board
  • One staff member from the OICRD

5.4 Quorum

  • Quorum for the SOC shall constitute two thirds (2/3) of all members.
  • The SOC may operate without full membership but will continually strive to fill all positions.

5.5 All members of the SOC will complete The Natural Step one hour online training.

 6.0 Acronym Key 

SOC    Sustainable Olds Committee

OSSP      Olds Strategic Sustainability Plan

OICRD           Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development


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