Information Links for proposed Tax Reform

Following the information session on Monday night, many people are requesting information on what they can do about this proposed legislation.

Briefly stated: Speak loudly and write often.

Below is a list of resources to aid you in your efforts.


Background Information – MP Earl Dreeshen link on Facebook

Visit Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness for list of organizations engaged –
See tab or attached pdf for their letter to the Minister – Use to draft your own letter or voice concerns

Complete Petition –

Petition to extend the consultation period for proposed corporate (and small business) taxation –

Every constituency in the nation and their Member of Parliament can be found here – Current Constituencies –

Please help spread the word through your networks, associations you belong to, and talk to or write your MP regarding your concerns.

Consultation deadline is October 2 and we want your voice to be heard on this impactful proposed legislation.