Olds Institute Call for Nominations February 2019

To be Considered for Nomination

Completed forms must be received by 4:30 on March 12, 2019



The attached form is to be completed by all individuals who are interested in being nominated for election to the Olds Institute Board of Directors.

In accordance with the Olds Institute Bylaw Article 6.1.4 – Election of the Directors and the Chairman:   At any subsequent Annual General Meeting…the Voting members shall elect Public Directors to replace any Public Director whose term has expired.  The newly appointed Public Director shall serve for a term of three years   Voting members may re-elect any Public Director of the Board for an additional one (1) consecutive 3-year term   The Chairman shall only serve for a three (3) year term unless the Board approves a second consecutive term of 3 years, which includes any consecutive terms as a Director or Officer of the Board   Only those persons who are current members in good standing in the Society are eligible to run for election as a Public Director on the Board of Directors


In good standing means, Article 4.4.4:

For public members, if their membership application is approved by the Board;

              The member has paid membership fees or other required fees or assessments to the Society;


              The Member is not suspended as a Member


For the full nomination form, click here.